Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello Again...

Hey, its been a while. I've been spending my time lately catching up on some good old fashion reading, figuring out some life things, organizing this and that, working and well...basically just getting my shit together ( I have lots of notes on that last thing if you are ever in need of instruction or just friendly advice).

I've been considering giving up a few things like caffeine and sugar as well as that whole sticking babies on spikes thing (really, its just getting kind of old, don't you think?). So far...not so good. How am I to be expected to give up caffeine without a cup of coffee to help get me through?! This is not going to be a fun week.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tattoo Updates and New Stuff

It's been forever, I know, but here it is! The completed tattoo on my back! I really love it, though I don't see it very much because my head seems to only want to face forward...weird huh? Malia is quite the artist!

Futhermore, the addiction continues spreads to my arm. I even included Snugglepuss in on the action!

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