Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It Started With A Mouse...

I love making things for people. Especially when the right idea comes to me and I can run with it like a mad woman. For this past Christmas I decided that I was going to make a mouse for each of the editors at Pregnancy & Newborn. We've worked with these awesome ladies for 7 years and counting and they really mean a lot to me. If you met them, I know you would agree too. They are really amazing.

So amazing that I knew a couple of mice were not going to express properly how merry of a Christmas I wanted them to have. The project quickly evolved into what you see below, a top knot and doughnut for Lauren (and cowgirl boots for her inner love of country music), a long-lost lumberjack for Shea (complete with Yeti head and axe) and a bicycle riding bunny with a book for Steph.

(Everything is hand-sewn, except for the dress and the skirt which I used the machine to do.)

Click for larger image


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