Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Words Are Not Enough...

So for Mother's Day, my husband extraordinaire got in contact with my absolute most favorite artist, the amazing Brandi Milne and asked her if she would sign a book for me that he purchased from her shop.

And she did! But she didn't just sign it. She SIGNED it!
(check pics below)
I was so excited to get the book alone but then to see that she drew in it to me, personally?! My face hurt from smiling so much, I was that excited.

I am a bit enamored with several artists and have been for years but Brandi's work has always stood out to me. As cliched as it may sound, her work really does speak to me. I feel deeply connected to her pieces. So to have a personally signed book from her makes me beyond happy :)

Two years ago I received a comment on one of my blog posts from the woman herself. I was stunned. I double checked (several times) that it was the same Brandi and it was! I went to her blog to thank her for leaving a comment and noticed she was having a giveaway. I entered and won! I know, I know crazy right? I guess it was just meant to be. Below are two cards that Brandi made and that I love. :)

By the way, have I mentioned how awesome my husband is?
Super awesome!

Harley's favorite character is Hoxie Clark, the big oaf.

She even decorated the packaging!

The winning cards. "Lucky You" descibes it perfectly! I love how she made them look aged and used. Nice touch!

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