Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fraternal Instincts Recap

Our opening went very smoothly and we had a fantastic turnout! Thanks to everyone that came out and shared the big night with Allyson and I. Special thanks to Maggie and Kelly at Youngblood and DJ Chris Devoe!

Below are some photos taken by Myself, Tim, Katie Cakes and Allyson herself, to document the event. As promised, I've also paired up the actual artwork for those who were unable to be there in person. There are also photos of Tim helping Allyson and I build frames. Thanks Honey!

Other exciting news, art blogger Madison from Curio + Abyss featured Fraternal Instinct on her site! Nice! The piece also features an interview with both Allyson and I which delves a bit deeper behind the show. Thanks Madison! It was a pleasure working with you and I found a new blog to keep up with :)

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