Friday, February 1, 2008

I never call, I never write....excuses, excuses


Its been brought to my attention that since becoming "Self Employed" I have more free time on my hands than most and that not much has been done with it unless you count absurd hours spent on PS2 games and catching up on Arrested Developement as a waste. So here you go...a briefest of brief plot synopsis of the year thus far:

2008 started off with quite a bang (by bang I mean hangover from H E double hockey sticks). Turns out that red wine mixed with white wine mixed with champagne sprinkled with an unresolved childhood proves to be surprisingly explosive and should only be done by professionals.

Next we have the big 3-0h-sweet-moses-I-can't-believe-I'm-this-old-birthday which came and went much better than I had ever thought. I mean we are talking about the girl who cried...yes, real tears, when she turned 17 because, was all downhill from there. But this birthday was actually pretty perfect and no tears were shed. (I'd go into more details but this is a brief recap not a marathon so just trust me, it was fantastic).

Finally, we have our trip to Indianapolis where my sister and I had a combined birthday party, cause we're just that cool. Two birthday parties in one month...I can't complain, although I did get food poisoning and a pregnancy test ( worries) I have recovered from both and am doing just fine.

Well, there you have it, January in a nutshell. Here's looking to February!

ps-I'm currently looking for a blog that lets me post larger images so if any of you know where I can get me one of those, I'd be much obliged.


Court said...

YAY! And nay! And yay! And now its february.


Have you tried using Livejournal as a blog? Thats what I use. Because I'm cool like that.


Sorry I havent been in contact since that one nite we chatted a few weeks back ... been crazy busy with stuff and stuff.

Anyhow, I know we have to chat about the whole photo dealio (which I am super excited about by the way) ... among other things.

I love you lots and am glad you had a great birthday and a negative preggy test.



gingerlovesart* said...

Haha! My sentiments exactly.

I used to have a Live Journal way back in the day but I haven't looked into it...I will. I've also been looking at Wordpress because they do offer larger images but its only with certain templates and you have to pay to customize your own...which is lame. I don't know, I'm just being picky I think.

How are the wedding plans going? Don't let yourself get overwhelmed...its a lot to organize. I used this site which was awesome if for nothing else the guest list.

Hope that helps. Before we had our wedding I thought Wedding Planners were a crock of poop but after going through it myself I have a new found appreciation and had I had the money I would have used one in a heartbeat.

Good luck!! Let me know if I can help in any way!


k. allyson petty said...

Unresolved childhood conversation was an amazing end to the night,if that is the conversation I am thinking about. which I actually didn't remember until about 7pm over dinner of blackeyed peas, collard greens, and whatever else you are suppose to eat on the 1st day of the year. And I didn't clean up the spilled whiskey and ginger until 2 weeks later. Our neighbors have to love us.
And I remembered too that you guys were the first to arrive and the last to leave that night. Man you guys are hard core!

gingerlovesart* said...

Yes we speak of the same convo. which was great and inspiring (about planning a show). I feel like we usually have great conversations though, which I love.

And yes we are extreme hard core JPL3/KAP partiers. What can I say...we like the night life, we like to boogie.

Katie said...

Little Timmy looks so strange all harry-less.

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