Friday, March 28, 2008

100 Things To Do Before I Go...

While diligently working away on building our new website the other day (i.e. browsing the internet for irreverent humor), I caught up with one of my favorite bloggers, Mighty Girl and found some interesting tools to aid my current search for self-improvement and divine happiness that I thought I would share with the rest of the class.

First up is a bunch of people jumping on hotel beds, which I think is going to be my new hobby. There's also a Flickr group here. I can definitely see flipping through these photos occupying way too much of my time but it just makes me laugh so that's time well wasted. (Hey, I could be inciting terror and ruin by telling small children they were adopted by their parents for the sole purpose of house cleaning and vegetable eating and that really they are from a magical world full of ponies and Red Ryder BB guns. Wasting time kind of pales in comparison, right?)

Next up we have a series of plans that I think everybody should aspire for. The last one is my personal goal.

In no particular order...

• Figuring out what I’d do if I only had five years to live.
• Doing what comes naturally, reflexively, effortlessly
• Figuring out what I’d do if money weren’t an obstacle.
• Figuring out what my regrets would be if I died tomorrow.
• Designing my life to bring me joy.
• Meditating on compassion.
• Relaxing.
• Make enough cupcakes to fill six square feet and then roll around on them naked. (Store-bought will work equally well though you won't get that whole create-to-destroy sense of joy which to me really bumps it up a notch. Its your call).

Finally, I started making a list of 100 Things To Do Before I Go...
something that at first I felt to be way too hippie/self-helpish, like I should maybe explore my inner youth a bit and learn to love the real me before making this attempt. This also comes with a high probability of becoming an overwhelming task of self-reflection. Regardless, I gave it a shot and actually found it to be quite fun and dare I say liberating.

Here's 1-25:

1. Go to New Zealand
2. Go to Angkor, Cambodia to see the overgrown temples
3. Finish tattoo on my arm
4. Live in San Fransisco
5. Have a baby
6. Buy a house with a yard
7. Own a studio with big windows
8. Win an award that requires a speech and expensive dress
9. Publish a photo book
10. Go to a show of a past favorite musician
11. Tattoo someone myself
12. Start (and finish) a book of a drawing a day
13. Be in a gallery show
14. Go to Africa
15. Switch from coffee to tea
16. Run a marathon
17. Direct a music video
18. Have one of our photos displayed in Times Square
19. Open a bakery
20. Whiten my teeth
21. Write a novel
22. Define happiness
23. Make a weeks' worth of my own clothes
24. Finish our wedding book
25. Find the Ultimate Cupcake Recipe!

That does it for now. I definitely recommend that you make a list for yourself. I think it will be interesting to check in over the years and see what gets done and what doesn't. Either way, if nothing else, it's entertaining to figure out the things you really want to do, no matter how absurd they may be. And don't forget to share what you come up with. I promise to only mock you silently.

PS-The website is still unfinished but on the positive side I've found some great cupcake recipes.


Court said...

I've been working on my own list for a while now ... we have a couple of the same goals! NICE.

Great minds think alike.

k. allyson petty said...

you got #13 covered!
want you to know that you have truely inspired me to do something creative er....

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