Saturday, March 7, 2009

Float On

I love jellyfish. I'm a bit obsessed with them actually. Whenever we see them at aquariums I have to spend at least 5-10 minutes watching them. I get lost with watching them effortlessly float around, sofly colliding into each other like polite bumper cars.

My favorite is watching one jellyfish's never ending long red tentacles get tangled up with another jellyfish and then they just slowly pull away from each other, tentacles unraveling with ease.

I put together a video collection from the last aquarium trip for Tim and thought I would share the love. Not quite Jacques Cousteau, but you get the point.



Anonymous said...

Love it... so relaxing. It put Everet in a trance... so it has my vote!

brandi milne said...

I get lost watching the sea horses.... :)

gingerlovesart* said...

Seahorses make me happy too Brandi so I made a video for you starring the curious creatures.

Here you go!

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