Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How To Tell You're About To Lose Your Job

1. Futile efforts of appeasements from middle management now surpass the "derelict and all but non-existent" level into the "it is now our full-time job to make you think everything is ok, everyone is happy" level. (At first this enraged me, then it amused me and now its just downright shameful)

2. At any given time there are at least two office doors closed for "private meetings"

3. The company is bought by another company who has been in the last year been moving all divisions to their "new" offices in Chicago....piece by piece. Atlanta is now the only outsider remaining...really, you don't need a a PhD to figure this one out.

4. Out of the original 15 people who started in this office, 8 now remain and none of the other 7 positions have been filled.

5. The manager of the office is terminated and a replacement is brought the next week. Her office is also in the afore mentioned city.

6. Discussions of future work becomes vague and sporadic.

7. Cookies and doughnuts keep somehow showing up in the common area. (Don' try to distract us with treats. You know how yummy and irresistible sugar cookies are and to put them in the middle of this nasty business is just wrong and unforgivable.)

8. Anyone within a 50 yard range of the feng-shui fallout shelter you refer to as an office for middle management can quite plainly here declarations to the person on the other end of the line that "it" is for sure going to happen, and we are all well tuned in to what "it" is referring to.

9. Your new boss flies into town with an external hard drive and ask for you to copy all of the companies images and catalog files that were made by you and your co-workers for her to take back to corporate with her. And to also make a detailed catalog/company identity file listing all the pms colors, fonts, and overall general identity of the company that you and your co-workers created. Someone is doing some shopping around...I won't name names though.

10. You return from lunch and now your door key mysteriously stops working.

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